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Updated: Mar 5

Is Inositol + Magnesium + Berberine a total solution for PCOS?

What is Inositol?

Inositol, also called myo-inositol, D-chiro-inositol, or hexaphosphate (IP6), plays a critical function in the body's cellular growth. Though it used to be referred to as Vitamin B8, inositol is not actually a vitamin. It's a type of sugar that helps your body process insulin.

Inositol is abundant in the brain and other mammalian tissues; it mediates cell signal transduction in response to a variety of hormones, neurotransmitters, and growth factors and participates in osmoregulation. Concerning regulation of osmosis, in most mammalian cells the intracellular concentrations of myo-inositol are 5 to 500 times greater than the extracellular concentrations.


Why Inositol is Important for PCOS?

As a supplement, there are nine different types of inositol but the most common two are Myo and D-chiro inositol:

  • Myo-inositol: Myo-inositol is a type of inositol — one of nine. It’s a naturally occurring carbocyclic sugar. For a long time it was considered to be a member of the B group of vitamins, but it’s ‘vitamin-like’ rather than a vitamin, as it’s not considered to be an essential nutrient. The firm benefits it offers for managing PCOS are very clear.

  • D-chiro-inositol: D-chiro-inositol is only 1% of the inositol found in human tissues. When the body needs D-chiro-inositol, it produces it by converting Myo-inositol. D-chiro-inositol plays an important role in insulin’s action in the peripheral tissues (muscle, fat). D-chiro-inositol for PCOS is shown to improve insulin and androgens.

Most women with PCOS have some degree of insulin resistance. When people have excess insulin in the blood also known as hyperinsulinemia caused by insulin resistance, this can lead to negative effects in the ovary.

For example, when the ovary produces too much testosterone this can cause hair and skin issues. Also, ovulation is impaired.


Key Characteristics of Inositol + Magnesium + Berberine Formula

1. Improves insulin sensitivity:

Berberine and Inositol have been shown in many studies to be a potent insulin sensitizer. Since up to 70% of women with PCOS struggle with insulin resistance, this is an important area for improvement. Insulin resistance can lead to weight gain, cravings, headaches, chronic infections, hormone imbalances, dark patches of skin, and more.

2. Betters gut health:

Research has even shown that poor gut health can lead to brain fog, anxiety, depression, and other cognitive problems. Luckily, berberine has been shown to improve gut health by increasing good bacteria and strengthening gut barrier. 

3. Prevents Migraines:

Magnesium is a well-known treatment for headache and migraine pain. Magnesium works to relax blood vessels so they don’t narrow. In doing so, magnesium prevents small clots that contribute to migraine tension.

4. Hormonal Balance:

As an electrolyte, magnesium plays a role in hormone production and regulation. One study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that PCOS patients with higher magnesium levels had lower levels of testosterone, suggesting that magnesium may help in managing the hormonal imbalances characteristic of PCOS.

5. Weight Management:

While more research is needed, preliminary studies have indicated a link between magnesium and weight management, which can be an important part of managing PCOS symptoms.


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